Face mask production in Bangladesh for European countries

Amid the COVID -19 crisis our garment factory is expanding its production to create face masks. The need for face masks keeps growing and there is always a shortage of supply. We wanted to do our part by manufacturing and selling face masks for European countries. 

Many of our face masks are already available in Europe

We import & take care of all documentation

All face masks contain CE certificates!

Who can wear our produced face masks?

Our face masks are made for men, women and children. They are made in all sizes to ensure that they fit your needs. We sell all our masks in bulk.


WHOLESALE QUANTITIES AVAILABLE – We possess a large number of production lines



How do we produce face masks?

We produce our face masks using the following steps:

  1. Create / Source raw material
  2. Fold the pleats
  3. Weld the layers together
  4. Cut masks to appropriate size
  5. Cut and attach straps for ear loops
  6. Sterilize
  7. Bag them

What different face masks do we have to offer? 

We offer the following masks:

Protective masks, three-layer masks, certified

  • packed in foil 
  • 50 pieces 
  • stitched masks 
  • metal nose clips
  • stitched masks
  • one time use



Protective masks, three-layer masks, not medical

  • physically in stock 
  • masks with metal nose clip


Half mask mask ffp2 protective mask with CE certificate

  • physically in stock 
  • stitched



Children’s masks 

  • 4 layers – 2x cotton and 2x fleece
  • soft inner-lining 
  • comfortable to wear
  • valve to allow for better breathing 
  • Elastic band 
  • Washable material – reusable
  • 4 different colours in one pack 
  • different sizes to suit children from 3 to 17 years old  
  • cotton linen


What is the price of these face masks? 

For prices on any of our face masks ask the producer. 


Where do we sell our produced face masks?

We ship our produced face masks to all European countries including: Belarus, Estonia, Lativa, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, UK, Netherlands, and many more.

Bangladesh is a safe country to import goods from compared to production countries such as China, India etc. 

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