Clothes on order directly from manufacturer

Uniforms, workwear & advertising clothes –
directly from the manufacturer in Bangladesh



Consultation about fabrics & patterns



Wholesale orders –

container quantities from several factories

Our factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh offer you top quality workwear, advertising clothes and uniforms. To meet the needs of our customers, we wanted to inform you that as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Asian and Bangladeshi garments, we deliver you clothes on order directly from our factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We consult with you not only samples and patterns, but also fabrics. If there is a need, we are able to manufacture wholesale quantities of workwear, advertising and uniform clothing items (larger quantities), shirts (larger quantities) and other garment items.

Depending on your requirements we order garments sewing and complete manufacturing. We offer men’s, women’s and children’s slippers as well as all types of outlet in all sizes. We only produce top quality clothing items for most renowned clothing and fashion brands in the world.

Our local factory uses a number of highly advanced production lines to offer circularly-knitted T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, trousers, sportswear, woven denim, business shirts, pajamas, underwear, briefs, work wear, flat-knitted corporate uniforms, scarfs, caps, and many other clothing items.


How do we stand out from others?

To maximise your satisfaction and improve our garment manufacturing capabilities we:

  • sale of ready stocks (clothing displayed on the page)
  • sew clothes on order (from 500 pieces to 100,000 pieces from the model)
  • perform quality checks and factory audits in Bangladesh (using services of a certified European-based company)
  • offer different packing and repacking options in Bangladesh
  • other business services in Bangladesh (various industries)

As an experienced manufacturer of garment items and apparel, we can send the offer of clothing stocks, perform the production of the designs you chose (design price estimation or ready design). We are also keen to discuss the details of the cooperation with you.

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