Work wear from Bangladesh Asia factory with delivery to Lithuania

Purchase work wear directly from Bangladesh Asia manufacturer!

We provide our clients with custom produced work wear that are made to their exact specifications. We are able to sew and manufacture all sizes, styles, patterns and materials for our clients from Lithuania.

We can also provide work wear from stock, that is ready to be delivered to your door!

The business clothing that we produce for you will be delivered quickly and efficiently. We have a vast variety of work wear from trousers, shirts, blouses, suits etc. 

How does our production of work uniforms and deliver to Lithuania stand out from other factories on the market?

• Custom made work wear
• Sale of ready stocks
• Quality checks to guarantee European level quality
• Offering our clients different packing option
• Offering specialised bar-codes
• We produce the clothes and help deliver them to your home country

EU quality guaranteed 

We provide a one year guarantee on every product! We provide documentation of laboratory tests for quality assurance!

Our delivery time is up to 3 months!

How do we help deliver work wear produced in Bangladesh Asia to Lithuania?

We produce work wear in Bangladesh Asia and help deliver them to Lithuania. All of our manufactured garments come with fabric specifications, list of components (buttons, zippers, logos etc), design reference, size table, packaging and bar-codes.

We arrange all required documents and set up deliver to Lithuania

During the purchasing we welcome our clients from Lithuania to visit our factory. We can set up hotels, transport, visas etc for your trip. Additionally, we can help you deliver manufactured garments to your country Lithuania. We have offices not only in Bangladesh but also in Europe making it easy to help deliver products.

What is cost of wholesale clothing produced in Bangladesh and delivered to Lithuania?

The cost of wholesale clothing produced in Bangladesh varies, generally our company requires that you purchase from us a minimum of 300 to 500 pieces of clothing. Our company provides full consultation about samples, patterns, fabrics etc.

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To which markets do we sell our clothing too?

Garment Factory Bangladesh have been established in order to provide the highest quality clothing items manufacturing for Clients in Asia, but also Africa (RSA), Europe (Russia, EU countries), and other foreign markets in the world.

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