On-site garment manufacturing audit Bangladesh


I’m Michael and I’m ready to provide professional quality audits in all types of factories in Bangladesh


I also employ professional control specialists who, along with me, possess the required know-how of conducting effective factory checks.


I maintain good relations with local factory managers
– they too can ensure that everyhing is in order


On-site garment factory audits Bangladesh

During factory inspection in Bangladesh

I can perform for you professional on-site garment manufacturing audits and inspections regarding the conformity of all factory installations, appliances, and facilities in Bangladesh, Asia and other regions worldwide. I am familiar with a lot of business customs and can easily check your local agents, if necessary. I can easily reach any corner of Bangladesh all by myself – I am not depenedent on someone’s transport and I do not wait until my visit in a factory is arranged. This allows me to enter the factory and check if anything is really in conformity to safety regulations.

I’ve been going to Bangladesh for 6 years now and for about 2 years I have lived there. In Dhaka, I know most places related to the garment industry special field. I work and arrange everything in my office. Each day I plan where to go and what to do – each factory inspection or quality audit is carefully monitored and consulted with my specialists. The planning naturally extends to how I am going to reward my people for their work after sufccessful inspections.


Hire me and my team & we will perform for you:


Regular on-site garment manufacturing audits

Factory quality inspections

Regular on-site supplier evaluations


All evaluations, inspections, and audits are undertaken by a professional representative company from Europe.

All the invoices for performing the audits and inspections are issued in Europe
(0% VAT for all EU countries)


European representative for onsite manufacturing                                                 EU quality guaranteed     


Why is it worth hiring me?

  • I can provide a thorough check and inspection of a factory or agent
  • I can prepare a video that demonstrates the actual status of what is going on inside a factory
  • I can be an official representative of your company with an office in Bangladesh – you can use the entire space and make use of a car with a chauffeur 

What benefits performing audits and evaluations gives:

  • It ensures that all garment and clothing products come from the EU-certified manufacturer and supplier.
  • It gives you the most accurate insight into our factory (including the production process, appliances, the technology used, etc.), and makes you sure that everything is in compliance with the strictest and latest rules of safety.
  • It increases our know-how for the purpose of predicting our production performance and capabilities and adapting them to the requirements and needs of our Clients and the clothing markets worldwide.
  • It keeps the highest level of health as well as safety in all the premises of our garment factory in Dhaka. Therefore, the entire process of clothes sewing, packing, and dispatching is smooth and efficient.


How the Bangladesh garment factories work

A few years ago I decided to think about the problems with the quality of manufacturing clothes and garment items in Bengali factories. It is, of course, true that the lack of qualifications or experience can lead to errors, but the human factor is only one amongst many others here. Social hierarchy and, above all, the economic boom, the desire to get rich and buy more, are main reasons for what happens. I love to simply watch and talk to young Bengali people who really believe that they can get rich overnight and that European people are much more wealthy.

Getting to know people here and knowing how it all works here I am good in making good relations because I respect people and not their social status. I often remind people to become humane again – in the old and natural sense of the word, where honesty and sincerity are the modus operandi. 

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