Clothes outlets export to RSA – the producer and representative of clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh


We are representatives of clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh and we can offer surplus clothing stocks at very competitive rates (YOU CAN BUY SAME QUALITY ITEMS MUCH CHEAPER).

We offer yo direct import of clothes outlets to RSA, which gives you an opportunity to buy surplus clothing for good prices our products are perfect for sales (for example as a supplement to your offer ingrocery shops, clothing stores, wholesalers, etc.).

Buying clothing outlets directly from factories in Bangladesh also allows you to obtain MAXIMAL MARGIN.

With rising production prices on order, rising clothing prices in China, you can BUY HIGH QUALITY CLOTHING FOR BETTER PRICES LISTED IN OUR OFFERS.



Men & Women jeans with tenders (as an outlet) – from 3.5 USD to 4 USD

Womens’ blouses – from 1.2 USD to 1.6 USD

Children’s body – from 0.8 USD

Children’s leggings – from 1 USD to 1.4 USD

Working trousers – from 3.6 USD to 4.5 USD

Women’s & men’s sweaters – from 2.65 USD to 3.4 USD

Children’s blouses (depending on size) – from 0.9 USD to 1.55 USD

Women’s shorts – from 2.5 USD to 3 USD




We can complete finished products and make from them whole collections For example we look for teenagers jumpers or blouses & teh look for suitable trousers.


This is a great option for you because by doing so WE ONLY SEND YOU OFFERS INTENDED FOR A CERTAIN GROUP OF PEOPLE. We can also change the packaging to improve sales. We will complete the whole order for you and you can make a profit by spending the goods on time to your customer.

Clothing outlets directly from Bangladesh bypasses many agents and allows you to BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER.

We are a supplier to the chain of shops and markets that offer clothing – surplus production for better companies features better materials, which means that buying clothes outlet from us is attractive as youcan now buy good quality products for better price than the one offered by the customer.

  • We look for products to order in large quantities
  • We buy surplus clothing from factories in Bangladesh
  • We repack them at home in the warehouse
  • We appropriately mark clothing
  • If necessary, we sew labels with information about fabrics used
  • We prepare the outlet for direct shipment and accordingly


It is possible to insert your barcodes in the warehouse in Bangladesh


We have a large surplus of clothing items directly from Bangladesh – the clothes factories with which we co-operate manufacture clothing for most renowned makes in the world. The great thing is that we can manufacture each type of clothing in large quantities.

When determining the details, we prepare a convenient plan o action for you. If you wish to be during the purchase, we arrange a convenient hotel, help with the visa, arrange a car at your disposal, and so on. We can change the action plan according to the guidelines. After contacting you we present the prices of surpluses and from your project we can quote each model, starting from sweaters through trousers and ending with underwear.

We have an office in Europe and Bangladesh, thanks to what we know what sells best, and we have a lot of contacts to factories. Many factories give us priority for purchase – we can buy goods by choosing models.

We are a company with an office in Poland and Bangladesh, therefore, import from Bangladesh to your country can be even easier, we know various markets and customs procedures, we know the clothing market, and we can send goods to a designated port.

Factories in Bangladesh supply clothes all over the world, depending on the market, they produce different cuts, models and materials. Large companies such as Carrefour, Lidl, Tesco, H&M, Zara, Adidas, Nike outsource their production here in order to reduce the cost of the product, gaining a greater margin in European and other markets where they have their shops. As a result, the price of a product is minimal and there are approximate prices for which a given assortment can be produced.

For example, the price of a male T-shirt made of 98 % cotton and 2 % high weight elastane with a large print should not be less than 1,8 USD. That is why the surpluses we are looking for give us the opportunity to buy such a T-shirt cheaper in a smaller quantity and to obtain high quality production at a lower price. This gives you the opportunity to be competitive and quickly enter the market thanks to good price and high quality.

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