Purchase freight container full of clothes from Bangladesh Asia to Lithuania


We offer our clients two options when providing our clothing!

1. The first option is that we can custom produce any garment based on your design, style, pattern, colour and fabric of choice
2. The second option is we sell ready to go, in stock clothing – which do not require wait times and can be shipped immediately.


What type of clothing can we ship via freight container to Lithuania?

We can ship a number of clothing items from our Bangladesh Asia factory to Lithuania. Some of them include:

• Men and women’s jeans
• Women’s blouses
• Children’s body
• Children’s leggings
• Working trousers
• Women’s and men’s sweaters
• Children’s blouses
• Women’s shorts
• Work wear
• Work uniforms
• and many more

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What type of shipping container should I used to ship clothing from Bangladesh to Lithuania?

There are two sizes when it comes to our freight containers the first is 20 ft and the second is 40 ft. Both of these options are available to our clients worldwide. The 20ft container can carry up to 28180 kg pf payload, whereas a 40 ft can carry up 28750 For shipping containers that transport clothes we provide special containers with garment hangers. These shipping containers enables shipping clothing without having to fold them, thus increasing the flexibility, and saves money on transportation along with handling.

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What are some requirements for clothes shipping from Bangladesh Asia to Lithuania?

There is one main requirement when it comes to shipping clothing via a freight container it needs to possess special marking. The marking contains information about the cargo such as: title, name of manufacturer, structure, and at the clients request it can also contain bar-codes.

What are some advantages of using shipping containers with garments on hangers to transport clothing from Bangladesh to Lithuania?

There are a few major advantages which include but are not limited too:
• Garments which are transported on hangers do not crease
• The containers can be moved directly into the your warehouse with any intermediate handling
• They can be derigged in 15 to 20 minutes which is faster than standard derig times.
• Saves you money on cardboard boxes and any wrapping
• It saves you money in the cost of transportation per clothing item

What is the cost of buying a freight container full of clothing from Bangladesh?

The cost of buying a freight container full of clothing from Bangladesh and shipping it to Lithuania will vary but it may be more affordable thanks to the large amounts of clothing that is being purchased. 

Where do we deliver our freight containers filled with clothes? 

Garment Factory Bangladesh have been established in order to provide the highest quality clothing items manufacturing for Clients in Asia, but also Africa (RSA), Europe (Russia, EU countries), and other foreign markets in the world.

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