Uniforms manufacturer in Bangladesh

Uniforms directly from the manufacturer in Bangladesh

If you are interested in our offer for uniforms then we can manufacture for you professional and high-quality uniforms on order directly in our factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We are able to manufacture specialised clothing and garment items and then distribute them to different parts of the world. We are able to sew and manufacture all-size projects and different orders – from uniforms commissioned by customers from European countries, to those ordered by specialised forces in the USA and Canada, but also corporate clothing for the largest corporations in the world. The business clothing will be delivered to you immediately after production quickly and efficiently.


How do we stand out from others?

To maximise your satisfaction and improve our garment manufacturing capabilities we:

  • sale of ready stocks (clothing displayed on the page)
  • sew clothes on order (from 500 pieces to 100,000 pieces from the model)
  • perform quality checks and factory audits in Bangladesh (using services of a certified European-based company)
  • offer different packing and repacking options in Bangladesh
  • perform thorough audits of sewing quality of clothes
  • check the reliability of the company
  • offer other business services in Bangladesh (various industries)


We manufacture all types of uniforms, but we also produce all sorts of business and corporate apparel and clothing. We have a designer who is able to create any custom design based on the requirements of our customers. We provide a one-year warranty on every product. We provide documentation of laboratory tests for the quality of the materials used. The delivery time is 3 months.

Our company have already arranged the manufacturing of business clothing and uniforms for large Polish enterprises as a contractor. If you are interested in our offer – we will be supplying working clothes and uniforms and we will deliver them directly from Bangladesh to your place.

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