Producer of garments in Bangladesh, Asia – Clothing importer to Latvia


We offer our clients two options:

  1. Clothing produced in Bangladesh can be made customised to your design specifications, style, patterns and colours.
  2. We also offer our clients the option to buy clothes in stock at very competitive rates. You can purchase big amounts at cheaper rates.

Our local factories can produce t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, trousers, sportswear, woven denim, business shirts, pyjamas, underwear, briefs, work wear, flat-knitted corporate uniforms, scarfs and many other types of garments.

Order your clothes directly from the manufacturer in Bangladesh! Get help importing garments to Latvia at the same time! We have experience importing clothes all across the world!


What are the benefits of purchasing from Bangladesh Asia clothing?

• Stocks of clothes are ready to sell, no need to wait
• We offer different packing and repacking options
• We can customise your bar-code right here in our Bangladesh factory
• We offer European quality material and sewing at an inexpensive cost
• If you are looking to important into another country we help you every step of the way

EU quality guaranteed  European representative   


What are some example garment prices?



• Men & Women jeans with tenders (as an outlet) – from 3.5 USD to 4 USD

• Womens’ blouses – from 1.2 USD to 1.6 USD

• Children’s body – from 0.8 USD

• Children’s leggings – from 1 USD to 1.4 USD

• Working trousers – from 3.6 USD to 4.5 USD

• Women’s & men’s sweaters – from 2.65 USD to 3.4 USD

• Children’s blouses (depending on size) – from 0.9 USD to 1.55 USD

• Women’s shorts – from 2.5 USD to 3 USD


What type of garments do we produce and help import to Latvia?

We help import a vast variety of garments to Latvia. We produce women’s clothing, men’s clothing. children’s clothing, corporate uniforms, and so much more. We provide our Latvia retailers with fabric specifications, a list of components (such as buttons, zippers, velcro), design reference, size table, logos, packaging, bar-codes and logos.

We help arrange required papers & organise direct transport to Latvia

We help determine a course of action for all of our Latvia clients to help them import clothing from our factories to their local stores, outlets etc. If you want to be in Bangladesh Asia during the purchase, and see first hand what you are purchasing, this is not a problem for us. We can arrange a hotel, help with visa, arrange a car and so on. Afterwards we can help you get past all the necessary agents in your home country of Latvia . We have offices not only in Bangladesh but also in Europe making our job to help you import our garments that much easier.

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To which countries do we help import our clothes?


Garment Factory Bangladesh have been established in order to provide the highest quality clothing items manufacturing for clients in Asia, but also Africa (RSA), Europe (Russia, EU countries), and other foreign markets in the world.

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