Factory quality inspections Bangladesh

We are a European-based company taking care of sustaining the highest level of quality of manufacture in various different garment factories outside Europe. We can perform for you professional audits and inspections regarding the conformity of all factory installations, appliances, and facilities in Asia and other regions worldwide.

We also focus on such basic issues as the appropriate performance of the production process, its quality level, but also safety measures undertaken within each facility and premise of the factory. All premises are also thoroughly checked against the highest standards and requirements concerning the health conditions.

We perform:

Thorough factory inspections on regular basis
(appliances, production process, performance & quality, safety measures, health conditions)

All evaluations, inspections, and audits are undertaken by a professional representative company from Europe.

All the invoices for performing the audits and inspections are issued in Europe
(0% VAT for all EU countries)

European representative for on-site manufacturing                                                 EU quality guaranteed

What benefits performing factory quality inspections gives:

    • It ensures that all garment and clothing products come from the EU-certified manufacturer and supplier.
    • It gives you the most accurate insight into our factory (including the production process, appliances, the technology used, etc.), and makes you sure that everything is in compliance with the strictest and latest rules of safety.
    • It increases our know-how for the purpose of predicting our production performance and capabilities and adapting them to the requirements and needs of our Clients and the clothing markets worldwide.
  • It keeps the highest level of health as well as safety in all the premises of our garment factory in Dhaka. Therefore, the entire process of clothes sewing, packing, and dispatching is smooth and efficient.
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